Sunflower Hillsborough

The Chairman and Members wish to thank all our Sponsors, Advertisers, M.C.U.I (U.C) Officals, Spectators, Bishopscourt personel, the Race competitors and everybody who supported this great end of season event. Covid 19 has taken its toll but we will be back in 2022 hopefully bigger and better.

Hillsborough & District Motor Cycle Club was born in 1947, one of the oldest Clubs in Ireland, not only running racing events, but for the fun and enjoyment it gives us and the greater motor cycling fraternity. We began in those early days running grass track races and trials events and blossomed into short circuit racing in the middle seventies at the old Maghaberry airfield

Then in 1977 we became friends with one of motor cycle racings gentlemen, Jim Finlay, hence the name “Sunflower” who has more or less secured our financial survival until this day 40 years later We’ve been running the Sunflower from Aghadowey to Kirkiston to Bishopscourt with a lot of success at each as is evident by the list of racing’s legends that have won the Sunflower


Richard Cooper, Christian Iddon, Joey Dunlop (World Champion), Noel Hudson, Sam McClements, Alan Irwin, Johnny Rea (sen), Steven Cull, Mark Farmer, Ray Swann, James Whitham, Ron Haslam, Rob McIlnea, Brian Morrison, Jim Moodie, Steve Hislop, Matt Llwelyn, Michael Rutter, Marty Nutt, Michael Laverty, Ian Lowry, Danny Buchan, Glenn Irwin, and Jonathan Rea (current World Champion)

Hillsborough Club has been affiliated to the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) since the beginning in 1947 and is proud to have served the Ulster Centre in many capacities, including having 3 Chairmen over the years. As well as the Club’s principle event.

To our loyal spectators, Marshals, Timekeepers, Scrutineers, Stewards, First Aid, Race teams and Riders and many more, welcome to our new WEB SITE -- and a heart-felt thank you for helping us keep this great sport alive and well.